Adidas - Running Out Of Time

Imagine this: The Fixers Group, the masterminds behind this epic event, were given the mission to unleash the awesomeness of the brand-new Ultraboost Light running shoes. Picture it: March 2023, and the Fixers crew gathered the chosen ones for a city-wide adventure that left everyone breathless, in the best way possible.

They started at various points around town, but here’s the twist – each guest was greeted with a swanky outfit and a pair of fresh-out-the-box Ultraboost Light kicks. Their mission, should they choose to accept it? Catch the Amsterdam Central ferry.

Rain or shine, roughly 160 brave souls dashed toward a GVB ferry decked out in Adidas vibes, where they were welcomed with beats from a DJ, snacks that hit the spot, and a shot of healthiness. This special ferry took them to a top-secret destination, where an electrifying afterparty awaited them, headlined by none other than the sensational DJ La Fuente!

People grubbing, sipping, and grooving until the wee hours of the morning. And of course, amidst all the fun, they got the lowdown on what makes the Ultraboost Light a running sensation, all while strengthening their bond with the brand.

The Fixers dream team? They were the ones pulling all the strings, making sure this extravaganza ran like a well-oiled machine.