DEPT Agency- AUDI Charging

In the world of electrifying innovation, Audi’s mission was clear: bring “living progress” to the streets of Amsterdam. And who better to help steer this charge than the Fixers Group? With our organizational wizardry, we were the driving force (well, at least a wheel), behind the development of a sleek, city-friendly charging pole, crafted in collaboration with the visionary artist, Sabine Marcelis.

Now, let’s break it down in style. Audi, a global powerhouse, was on a quest to make waves in the world of electric mobility. They aimed to bridge the gap between their cutting-edge technology and the bustling streets of Amsterdam. By 2030, there’ll be a whopping 1.9 million electric cars zipping around Dutch roads. An eco-win, for sure! But, here’s the twist: that also means 1.7 million charging stations will dot the landscape. Yep, that’s one every 21 meters in Amsterdam alone! It’s like a forest of charging stations sprouting up faster than you can say “electric revolution.”

Enter Audi, the electrification trailblazer. They weren’t just here to ride the electric wave; they were here to shape it. And they wanted everyone to know it. So, they teamed up with the brilliant Sabine Marcelis to create a charging pole that not only blended seamlessly with Amsterdam’s urban charm but elevated the entire cityscape. Imagine turning a mundane street corner into an Audi-branded masterpiece that caught everyone’s eye. It’s an innovation in plain sight.

While DEPT being the mastermind behind this concept, Fixers was the body. From guiding the charging pole’s production to ensuring the smooth flow of communication between the design guru Sabine and Audi. And then, we produced the grand reveal event, “Design for an Electric City.” The event was more than just unveiling a charging station; it was a glimpse into the future cityscapes and the role of mobility in the electric revolution.

Guests were treated to insightful talks, got up close and personal with the charging station, and even had a chance to pick Sabine Marcelis’ brain. And when it was all said and done, a compilation of behind-the-scenes magic was released, taking the audience on a journey from A to Z. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram became the playgrounds for this electrifying campaign.

The result? A media frenzy that doubled the paid media budget through free publicity – talk about a buzz! Engagement on Audi’s and Sabine Marcelis’ social channels reached the stratosphere. Enthusiasts couldn’t resist sharing the campaign far and wide, giving it even more mileage. Audi soared to the top in communication awareness, leaving rivals in the dust.