Dog Fun Run

For the first-ever Dog Fun Run, we worked closely with the creatives of The Gardeners PR and the Animal Protection Organisation.

The Dog Fun Run (DFR) is an obstacle run for dog owners and their loyal pets. Stretched over five acres of land and densely wooded forest, we created a dog-friendly run using both natural resources (like a natural mud bath) and hand-made objects (a field of miaowing cardboard cats).

We love the fact that the Netherlands has created a tight system for strays, ensuring homeless animals are not wandering the streets. Fixers, as a company, supports the organisations who enable animal shelters to continue this great work.

Donating our time and having experience in dog events (yes, that’s a specialism), Fixers enabled over 300 dogs and over 400 people to participate in a heart-warming journey.

And we are proud to have helped raise € 47.429 on this one day alone.

If you would like to be a volunteer to become a sponsor or simply exchange thoughts on the project, drop us an email